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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can anyone join the platform?

Unfortunately not. To ensure that we keep the quality of the community high, the platform is invite-only for both company and candidate. During the onboarding process, the team here at Final Stage will assess all companies to ensure that they meet a number of requirements (size, industry, moral standing etc.) before being able to create a profile and benefit from talent sharing.

What sort of candidates are in the community?

Final Stage was launched with a focus on graduate and professional services talent and we therefore have a great variety of candidates on the platform. At present, our most common areas of interest include consulting, sales, tech, analytics and finance, however talent sharing works at all levels and in all industries, so diversity in the community will continue to grow as more companies get involved.

How would we invite candidates to the platform?

Companies invite candidates to the platform by sending them a unique company link that is provided during the onboarding process. To make things even easier, we recommend that companies include this link in an ATS draft so that it requires very little change to their traditional recruitment practice once implemented.

What about data protection?

Companies are not required to disclose candidate information to Final Stage; they simply invite individuals to the platform using their unique company link. Candidates can then decide whether they want to be a part of the community and if so, sign-up themselves. The platform is fully GDPR compliant.

How easy is the platform to integrate with our current recruitment methods?

Very! With the platform being web-based, there is very little integration required for a company to start talent sharing. The platform is accessed through and companies can use the messaging capabilities on the platform to talk with candidates and schedule interviews.

Can we advertise live roles on the platform?

Absolutely! The platform doesn’t only work as a talent pool but also a place to show off your brand. Once signed up you will have access to a company page that will allow you to show pictures, share events and most importantly, live opportunities.

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