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Frequently Asked Questions?

What types of professionals are in the Final Stage talent network?

Final Stage was launched with a focus on talent in the professional services sector and we therefore have a great variety of profiles in the network. At present, our most common areas of interest include consulting, accounting, corporate finance, analytics and investment, however diversity in the community continues to grow.

How do employers engage with the network?

Employers can engage with the network in a variety of different ways depending on hiring needs and available resources. Alerts can be sent, talent can be messaged, or it can all be fully automated, creating a bespoke journey into a company's traditional process.

How much experience do professionals in the network have?

To join Final Stage, individuals must have had at least 2 years full-time experience in the professional services space. The average experience of network members currently sits at 6 years.

What do your Talent Guides do?

Our talent guides are like an extension of your hiring team. They speak with the large majority of network members upon sign up to better understand their wants and needs. They are therefore great to leverage if you are looking for something in particular or need some help with pushing out a particular opportunity.

How easy is the platform to integrate with our current recruitment methods?

Very! With the platform being web-based, there is very little (if any) integration required for a company to get started. Once given login credentials, the platform can be accessed through and companies can use the messaging capabilities on the platform to talk with professionals.

Do we have to proactivly use the network in order to find talent?

No. We offer bespoke solutions to all employers who engage with the network and you can be as passive or as active as desired. We'll help ensure you see results either way.

Can we advertise live roles through Final Stage?

Absolutely! The network doesn’t only work as a talent pool but also a place to show off your brand. Once signed up you will have access to a company page that will allow you to show pictures, share events and most importantly, live opportunities.

Can anyone join the network?

Unfortunately not. To ensure that we keep the quality of the community high, the network is invite-only for both employers and professionals. During the onboarding process, the team here at Final Stage will assess all companies to ensure that they meet a number of requirements (size, industry, moral standing etc.) before being able to create a profile and start interacting with talent.

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