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A Highly-Targeted Talent Network At Your Fingertips 365 Days A Year

The Final Stage network is invite-only and specifically targets a diverse groups of individuals who are looking for positions in the professional services and technology sectors.

The network is kept to a manageable size and is in a state of constant flow with new candidates being invited as candidates secure roles. Such network management maximises the time and cost savings passed on to hiring teams.

The Network Make-Up

Candidates can either receive or request an invitation to the talent network, with all being monitored to ensure a diverse mix of high-quality talent is maintained. Our current network make-up is as follows:

Engaging with the Network

Employers can engage with the network in a variety of different ways depending on hiring needs and available resources. Alerts can be sent, candidates can be messaged individually or it can be fully automated, creating a bespoke journey into a traditional process.


Showcase Weeks

All employers in the network gain free access to our showcase weeks that are ran periodically throughout the year. These weeks are heavily marketed events to drive engagement to specific audiences. Think jobs fair... but digital.

Targeted Campaigns

Whether you’re holding an event for Women-in-Tech or want to highlight a fast-track opportunity to bolster applications come reneging season, our email campaigns can cover all bases when it comes to candidate awareness.

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